Those who do not know the plans of competitors cannot prepare alliances. Those who do not know the lay of the land cannot maneuver their forces. Those who do not use local guides cannot take advantage of the ground.
- Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The Lasarte Law Firm
3250 NE 1st Avenue Suite #334
Miami, Fl 33137
Telephone: 305-594-2877
Fax: 305-594-2878
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Welcome and thank you for your interest in The Lasarte Law Firm. Our firm prides itself on the ability to provide our clients with highly effective and proficient legal services concentrated in the areas of land use and zoning, government relations, government contracts, and procurement.

Our clientele consists of various local, national, and international companies and developers who are looking to conduct their business in the Greater Miami Area and serve their community as dependable and constant economic engines.

We place great value on the importance of developing and maintaining strong relationships and take privilege in the ability to represent each client and have a positive impact on the growth and development of this region.

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